Wednesday, June 27, 2007

short, and bitter.

no...not me. i'm sort of tall and very sweet. ha.

i do not appreciate being told how to do my job. i have worked at the same place for the past, what? fifty years? i can do my job, and yours better than you can even dream about.

i know what time to clock out for the day. i know what time to go to lunch. i know how to scan out rpl and what to do if it's a "number not found." i know how to prioritize merch tasks. i know how to tell which things are still on sale and which are not. i know what to do if i'm back-up and the cashier hasn't come in yet. i can do pretty much everything at this point, but the things that i am being reminded of are insulting.

so, quit it. or i'll elbow you in the chest.

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RedCircleLine said...

sort of tall, she says... it's all relative, i suppose, to those of us that are not nearly so gifted in that arena.