Monday, June 4, 2007

convenience friends

there are people (and we all know them) who are only around when they need you. i am tired of being around to serve the needs of those people.

if you consider yourself a friend, you should be available at all times. this may seem to be asking a lot, and it is, but it is also necessary. now, i'm not saying that you should be willing to drop everything you're doing when a friend calls and asks you to go watch some karaoke and eat some cheese fries. which, by the way, one should always be willing to do. but when a friend calls, you should either: a) answer your damn phone or b) CALL THEM BACK!

it is not ok to ignore friends. what if something life-changing and critical were going on in their life and you were simply too self-involved to respond?

it takes as little as ten seconds to text someone. just a quick "what's up?" because when i call you, it's generally not just to chat. i want to see you or i desperately need to talk to you. and, as a friend, you should be respond. when you don't, you take away my worth as your friend.

and friends don't do that.

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RedCircleLine said...

aaaaaamen! the no-calling business sucks aaaassssssss!!!!