Thursday, May 31, 2007

ok, i know i'm the kid, but...

here's the official redcircleline from the last post. now, here's mine:

i work, basically, in an office, doing, basically, secretarial work (with a little more flair, i might add, but not much). When i was hired, my job wasn't big enough to fill 8 hours, so i would help out some of the other assistants in the building. I ended up spending the most of my extra time with someone whose boss had left and she had taken over running the department. Now, this woman is leaving, and instead of anyone talking to me about it, saying, 'now, we know you were just helping out here, you weren't really hired to do this, this just kinda happened and you wanted to be helpful to someone who was overworked, but we wanted to see if you can take over for this woman when she leaves and keep doing your original job like your boss expects, or what should happen here', oh no, no one from personnel (HR, basically, but scarier and more powerful) has said WORD ONE to me about what my job is going to look like when this woman leaves, oh, tomorrow. HOOKERS!!!!

come on. maybe you are taking me into consideration in this process. but you gotta let me know you are. i'm too smart for this place!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

i'll tell you what!

is it too much to ask that someone acknowledge when i extend a common courtesy?

when i hold a door open for the person behind me i want a quick "thanks!" i know i shouldn't expect it because i'm holding the door open to help someone out, not to hear their praise. but it is nice to have said person's recognition for an act of good citizenship.

yesterday, i let a man back out of his driveway. that's it and he must have waved at me seven times to show his appreciation. that's what i'm talking about.

Friday, May 25, 2007

welcome to our outlet of bitterness and pent-up frustration! Where to begin? there are so many things that make us furiously angry! the #1 most infuriating part of my life has to be...driving.

wait, that's not true. i love to drive. i hatehatehate other drivers. this is one of the worst:

i feel my blood pressure rising already.