Monday, June 25, 2007

she strikes again!!!

same biddy that wrote me that note below left a handwritten note in my box over the weekend. this note begs to be read out loud, but since i don't plan to record an audio blog here in my office, you'll just have to read it to yourself ("you," in this case, may mean "nobody," or perhaps just "me"). She's giving me a 4th set of corrections on a flyer i made for her, and if my job doesn't change soon, either in responsibilities here or just a new employer entirely, i'm going to run away. Here's the note:

Hi (scrappy),
Thanks! It looks great. Please make! a few Changes!
1) "CELEBRATION" "letters in BLACK," "stands up better."
2) Make sure! Put! "SINGLE, COUPLE, ALL AGES"
3) Put under ground Parking in the address Box.

It's the random quotes and the exclamation points that really get me. and the fact that i've had to correct this same damn flyer 1,000 times more than i've ever had to correct a flyer, ever. very over it.

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