Thursday, July 26, 2007

poor food choices.

ok, seriously. i know when i really want to eat something and when i don't. but when something is called the baconator, how can one resist? no human could!

so, i ordered the baconator yesterday and, upon the first bite, came up with several more appropriate names, the greaseanator being the most fitting. i could only eat about 1/3 of the damn thing before giving up. but even with that amount of "food" in my system, i was miserable. my stomach was so disappointed with me. especially after being so good on south beach. and then this?! the other end of the spectrum. and my stomach actually thought of leaving me yesterday.

i'm not sure that i could have blamed it.


RedCircleLine said...

yay! pants returns! yay! and, maybe a little clarification...what the hell is a "baconator"? because, frankly, i'm not certain i could resist that, either, and i'd like to know what i'm getting into if i meet the baconator in a dark alley and am forced to surrender.

RedCircleLine said...

you need to visit the wendy's website and look at a picture of the beast. there are no human words to describe it.