Friday, July 13, 2007

a theme that i can't escape

When you live in a place that doesn't have its own parking spot, like i do, and where most of your neighbors don't either, parking becomes very personal. If i'm hanging out at home and suddenly realize, at 10 at night, that i haven't eaten dinner and there's nothing good to eat at my house, i'd rather go to bed hungry than abandon my parking spot. All the good spots are typically gone by about 6:30 in the evening, and forget getting a decent spot on Sunday evenings after dark. not gonna happen. And, it's all parallel parking, which has made for a steep learning curve for me, since my parking skills were minimal prior to moving here (thankfully, my roommate is a master and gave me an exceedingly helpful tutorial early on, and the bf has helped, as well). Often, though, perfectly good spots are destroyed by people not paying attention to how they park--not parking close to the end of the curb, leaving too much space between themselves and the car in front of them, etc. Going around and around at 2 am staring at all the places that, if someone just pulled up a little, making the spot a little bigger, would be perfect, becomes almost unbearably frustrating. that's why i need about 500 of these cards:
too good. i'm surely not the only person that has wanted to leave a note on a windshield admonishing the driver on crap parking? i probably want to do it more often than most, as i tend to be very judgmental when it comes to driving and parking. just had to share these.

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