Friday, July 6, 2007

making concrete a rule i've had for years

Living in San Diego, there's a decent chance that the strapping young lad with the short haircut hanging out in the Gaslamp is part of some branch of the military (especially if his tshirt is really tight). Granted, it's not an issue for me, since i have a lovely non-military boyfriend, but no matter how cute that little marine may be, no matter how muscular, or how precious his little southern accent is, don't fall for it! No military! Nonono. i've not dated a lot, but two of the people i have, have been militarily involved. both in the marines, actually. Aside from just a general approach to life that i can't really get behind, there's all the ridiculous moving and long trips abroad; plus, oh yeah, the chance that the person could get killed as part of their job.
no. military.

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natala said...

thanks for commenting :) i love your site... glad to meet you.